mCard Partner Program

We make it is easy
to reward your clients with
a FREE mobile business card.

Our mCard Rewards Program is simple
and there is no cost for you to join.


mCard Partner Benefits

  • Reward clients with a FREE product they will love
  • Give away Unlimited mCards
  • Your brand on our mobile website builder
  • FREE rotating message board for your ads

Additional Branding Opportunities

  • Brand the Sign Up Page - mcardbuilder.com
  • Brand the Footer of each mCard
  • Brand the mCard Mobile App

Long Term Brand Exposure


Everytime an mCard is updated, your brand and promotions are shown on the mcard builder dashboard.


If an mCard lasts a lifetime and is updated weekly, how much brand exposure will the mCard give your business?


The more you give away, the more exposure and value you get as an mCard Partner.