To Move Your Books Through The mCard Platform

About our network:

  • Readers post their mobile business card
    • Their favorite books 
    • The books they are reading
    • The books they recommend
    • Bibliography Lists
    • Reference book shelves


  • Authors will be able to:
    • Have an easy to use site sized & shaped for the mobile phone
    • A place to sell their books from when selling a book offline, and the payment gateways are not loading properly due to poor load times.  The author can sell the book to the reader on the reader's portable or mobile device.
    • When the author has no books on hand
    • When the author has run out
    • Recommend books of other writers that come up:
      •  In lectures
      • At salons 
      • Or in causual conversations


  • Fill out the short form letting us know in our system who you are and which distributor you represent.  This form serves multiple purposes for us. It is the best entry point into our back office systems.
  • Put in the term "Distributor working with David Allison" in the recommendation file
  • Send me a CSV file of the following information to david@mcard.me
    • The imformation from all the books listed in your network
    • HTML for the unbranded cover of each book (or what you have)
    • HTML text link to your oder form. (or what you have)
    • Other online retailers that your firm distributes to.
      • This allows us the freedom to decide from time to time to use other market connections within your distribution line that we may have an affiliation with already for other programs.  
      • This has proved to be a resourceful asset for us already
    • Your firm's terms and coditions and other applicable documentation
    • Loosly and closely related products and services your firm offers.